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Brain-based learning is an approach, in which learning and teaching is conducted at the highest level through understanding how the brain works based on the brain’s structure and function. Brain-based learning pays attention to individual differences of students, yet does not stereotype students. The Advantages Of Brain-Based Learning The students can keep what they learn in their mind for the rest of their lives, since they review what they learn on a regular basis rather than memorizing information. Students come across with many different subjects during a lesson, thus it becomes easier for them to solve their everyday-life problems. Since students are encouraged to continuously think during a lesson, their level of success increases to a great extent. Students like studying since it is a learning approach far from threat and stress. Students can easily love the lesson since this type of learning is far from threats and stress. The subjects are associated with the subjects of other courses, which enables students to learn multiple lessons at once and remember what has been taught they learn in the long term. In this model, the motivation of students increases, thus their learning becomes easier and more enjoyable, which does not exhaust students. The student with a healthy brain also possesses a healthy body. In this model, since learning is not limited within the classroom; students repeats the subjects they learn throughout their lives and obtains full and permanent learning without even realizing it.